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Prenatal Sexual Orientation Findings Confirm God’s Word


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Research Confirms Prenatal Sin Nature

According to Wiki, ‘researchers…believe that sexual orientation is not a choice, and some of them believe that it is established at conception.’

To the extent that these findings are true, particularly in explaining homosexuality, they are a real God-send. This is because they agree with God’s word concerning the prenatal origin of our sinful nature.

In short, God’s word views all humans as sinful from conception and it also sees homosexual orientation as one of many possible sinful orientations in human nature. With that in mind, findings that point to persons being born (and even conceived) with a homosexual orientation are clearly a great example and proof of human sinful nature existing from infancy and even from conception.

Is God Being Unfair or Helpful?

The idea that homosexuality is an orientation that some are born with does not prove that homosexuality is not sinful. Neither does it prove that God would be unfair to consider this condition unholy. Instead, these findings discredit the notion that babies are born morally pure or neutral and should lead all people to realize their personal need for God’s help because of the sinful nature that they are born with.

Just as King David did when contemplating his sinful self, it would be a good starting point to recognize that “surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me” (Psalm 51:5 NIV).

Tired of Justifying Sin?

Are you tired of your old self and of trying to justify it? God loves you and wants to give you a brand new life. God’s way out of our sinful orientation is found in His offer of a literal rebirth and a transformation of our lives.

For the life that He has to offer you, take a look at my post The Good News of An Exchanged Life – Part 1.

Rob Morley

PS. That homosexuality is the focus of this post was just a natural outcome of considering the researchers beliefs cited by Wiki in the light of God’s word. This was posted with the aim of getting all people to consider God’s view of the origin of their sinful nature, though it may manifest differently, and God’s remedy for it.

8 thoughts on “Prenatal Sexual Orientation Findings Confirm God’s Word”

  1. I cannot agree with this because I believe the researchers you quote contradict what the Bible says about homosexuality. For a start, the Wiki article says it is their ‘belief’ ‘ like evolution, it isn’t scientifically proved. Isn’t homosexualty listed in the scriptures together with other sins eg murder, lying etc. In our Marxist, pc world they want to make homosexuality accepted as normal behaviour – which it clearly is not. We are born with a sinful nature yes – but surely not a specific sin ? Our subsequent lives and what happens to us make us prone to specific sins. I believe many grow up homosexual because of sexual abuse they have experienced as children. This is just my opinion of course.

    1. Hi Eileen,
      We really don’t know what the characteristics of each persons sin nature is at birth. My argument was structured to deal with the scientists’ belief in the event that they may be true.
      I did this to show that their belief, even if true, does not justify homosexuality but, instead, serves to confirm the Scriptures that say we are born with a sin nature and that calls homosexuality a sin.
      Thanks for sharing and helping me to clarify myself.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for your input. I read your essay too. Thanks. I won’t comment too much except to say that I noticed that your one outcome – that no one is born with a sexual orientation – is different to my Wiki reference to scientists who believe that sexual orientation is prenatal.
      I really wouldn’t know.
      Also, I’m not sure where the essay leaves me, because the seeming assured views get dampened by the uncertainties of the specialists.
      Whatever the starting point, like any lust, whether enduring or not, it is important that we don’t entertain it. By God’s grace we can change and therefore choose. What do you think?

      1. Wikipedia is a good starting place, but it is always best to go to the original sources.

        I’ve not read any scientific paper that argues that sexual orientation is determined in the womb. From my reading, it is the consensus of scientists, psychologists, and psychiatrists that sexual orientation is caused by a combination of nature and nurture.

        In my view, Daryl Bem’s paper “Exotic becomes Erotic” is the single best explanation for what causes sexual orientation. A gay activist introduced it to me. I highly recommend it:

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