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Judgment Calls For Repentance!

A Cast For RevelationMany in the evangelical church have backed Trump, the most powerful man alive, who is easily driven by US companies that care less for people's lives than their own prosperity.They all make a great cast for Revelation, where the 'false prophet' backs 'the beast,' who is ridden by 'Babylon, the Great Whore,'… Continue reading Judgment Calls For Repentance!

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PART 1 - HIDING FROM IMPENDING JUDGMENT "MOUNTAINS, FALL ON US...HILLS, COVER US" are words that have echoed in history, and the echo has not ended. BUT, WHOSE WORDS ARE THESE? ISRAEL The prophet Hosea spoke of Israel's impending judgment with these words: "The high places of Aven, the sin of Israel, shall be destroyed.… Continue reading TURN FROM YOUR EVIL WAYS – PART 1

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The Bible Code for Life – Part 2

(Go here for part 1) You know those times when your kids press your buttons and you react really badly? Well guess what, your chief problem is not that you reacted badly, but that you are living from the wrong source. If you are a Christian, then you have either moved away from walking with… Continue reading The Bible Code for Life – Part 2