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Interpreting Scripture Correctly

Man’s form of religion is full of rules and rituals in order to reach God or Karma or a state of perfection. At best, it’s merely a hollow shell with empty promises. The Bible, by contrast, is not a burdensome book of religion; it’s the living Word of God. True Christianity is a dynamic ongoing… Continue reading Interpreting Scripture Correctly

Real Church

Bored, Burned-Out, Broken or Blessed?

Many who appear to be apathetic Christians are in actual fact bored, burned-out or broken by religion. Any excitement that they once had as believers has long been snuffed out by what has masqueraded as Christianity, but really isn’t. Bored Instead of a dynamic relationship with Jesus that’s shared with other believers, they’ve been restricted… Continue reading Bored, Burned-Out, Broken or Blessed?

Women in Ministry

Women – Our False Religious Notions

When it comes to issues, life experience often tells the truth best, mocks our false religious notions and is more compatible to good Biblical exegesis. The post, Women in the Church: An Anecdote on Submission by Tim Day from his blog Synerchomai, has a good example of this. Enjoy! Rob


You’ll Spank Your Child if you Love Him

When Affection is as Hate Do you love really God and want to do whatever He asks of you! How about when it comes to child rearing and disciplining with the rod? The principle "Spare the rod; spoil the child” can clearly be seen in God’s word. Consider the following Proverbs from the Bible (I’ve included… Continue reading You’ll Spank Your Child if you Love Him

My Bible

What did Jesus Write in the Sand?

Have you ever wondered what Jesus wrote in the sand? Some readers might immediately be thinking. “Oh boy! Another one of those nutters! No one really knows what Jesus wrote in the sand!” See for Yourself Firstly, read John Chapters 7 & 8. Then read Jeremiah 17:5-13. For more on this go to What did Jesus Write in… Continue reading What did Jesus Write in the Sand?

Transforming Society

Changing a Nation

I hope that my previous post, Discipling Individuals or Nations?, will serve to help relieve Christians and missionaries of the burden that they may feel to have to disciple a whole nation as a result of misunderstanding the Great Commission. Having said that, I do believe that, at times, room is given to certain individuals… Continue reading Changing a Nation

The Great Commission

Discipling Individuals or Nations?

This may sound strange to your ears, but contrary to what is sometimes taught or suggested, we have no specific New Testament mandate to teach or disciple nations themselves. I say this, even though The Great Commission in Matt. 28:19-20 may appear to be instructing us to do just that. ...Rather than being a command… Continue reading Discipling Individuals or Nations?


Church Leadership

Understanding, applying and getting to experience real New Testament Church Leadership is a huge challenge to the Church in this day and age. This is because we are so easily clouded by years of church traditions, tempted by the world’s form of leadership and are also often sadly unclear about the nature of New Testament… Continue reading Church Leadership

The Good News

The Good News of an Exchanged Life – Part 2

Let’s continue to look at just how good the Good News really is!!! (Go here for The Good News of an Exchanged Life – Part 1) I was Dead, but am now Alive But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in… Continue reading The Good News of an Exchanged Life – Part 2

The Good News

The Good News of an Exchanged Life – Part 1

How Good is the Good News? What we grasp of the Good News when we receive Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior is minuscule compared to what the Good News in its fullness really is. You may have come to Jesus for any of the following: God’s offer of pardon for sin seeking… Continue reading The Good News of an Exchanged Life – Part 1