In Christ

From Dark Past to Profound Purpose

Who You Were to Who You Are The Old Testament exodus narrative helps us to understand our own past and, more importantly, our purpose as believers today. Old Testament Type The Old Testament contains many types of our own reality. Consider these scriptures: Now therefore, if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my… Continue reading From Dark Past to Profound Purpose

Real Church

The Ecclesia – The Gateway for God’s Kingdom

The Ecclesia Jesus’ ecclesia is the most powerful group on earth, way above any parliament, congress or senate. And, amazingly, all Christians are called to be involved. Ecclesia was a term used in ancient times for a political assembly of citizens who were “called-out” from a local community with the purpose of governing the community. Jesus… Continue reading The Ecclesia – The Gateway for God’s Kingdom

Life in the Spirit

The Bible Code for Life – Part 3

Concerning remedying your sinful behavior, don’t focus on being right-and-wrong-conscious, but rather be sold out to God with all of your heart and mind. Being right-and-wrong-conscious can put the emphasis on behavior where you might try to rectify things yourself and not fix the real issue of living from the wrong source. You see, when… Continue reading The Bible Code for Life – Part 3

Real Church

The Ecclesia – What’s our purpose?

The Ecclesia in Jesus’ day were the “called-out ones” from a local community whose purpose was to bring governance to the community. Jesus uses this same model by calling-out members of this world into an ecclesia of His own. They are called-out and trained in his ways and then sent back to offer the governance… Continue reading The Ecclesia – What’s our purpose?