Homosexuality, an Immoral and Unnatural Orientation

An Immoral Orientation The Bible is clear that, ever since the fall of man, all of humankind is innately sinful. Furthermore, the Bible specifically calls homosexuality sinful. It is an orientation against the law of God written on everyone’s heart and is called a “degrading passion” by God in His word. Unfortunately, in trying to… Continue reading Homosexuality, an Immoral and Unnatural Orientation


Straightening Out

Photo: Coscurro rgbstock Homosexuality is Unnatural and Sinful The Bible explains that because of the Fall, all of humankind is innately sinful. More specifically, it considers homosexuality to be unnatural and sinful. Therefore, it stands to reason that an innate homosexual orientation (if it exists), or a developed one, is an expression of fallen mankind’s… Continue reading Straightening Out

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Reorientation Miracle

WE'RE BORN LOST!!! Sinful Orientation: We are all born sinfully orientated because we are conceived with a sinful nature.   ARE YOU STILL LOST? Moral Orientation: No amount of moral orientation can ever change our sinful nature. It may curb it, but it cannot remove it.   HAVE YOU FOUND THE WAY? God Orientation: Jesus… Continue reading Reorientation Miracle