Everybody is Loved Equally by God

For God So Loved The World
For God So Loved The World

Everybody is loved equally by God; it’s only that some have begun to experience His love more fully.

God loves Christians and Sinners Equally

The worst sinner is loved as much as any child of God and every child of God is loved only as much as the worst sinner. The simple difference is that a child of God knows God and experiences His love in a deep and ongoing way.

Do Christians, Who Experience God’s Love, Share His Love Fairly?

Sadly, as believers, we easily forget that God loves those outside of His church as much as He loves us and as a result we become indifferent in the way that we treat them. It seems that we often misunderstand and misrepresent the specialness that we experience in our relationship with God and with one another as being exclusive. As a result, we can leave other people feeling as though we consider them less valuable.  Yet, God wants everyone to know His love and this specialness that we experience.

Let’s leave everyone feeling that they are special in our eyes, because they are in His.