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How Do We Know WWJD?

What Would Jesus Do? What would Jesus do in any given situation is meant by the popular abbreviation, WWJD. That said, I'm not sure many people know what Jesus would do except assume the most loving thing they can imagine, or try and discover what the Bible says on the matter. However, I will show… Continue reading How Do We Know WWJD?

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Is Halloween for Christians?

Divided over Halloween Despite our great unity that we have in our faith, it seems that Christians are always divided over particular issues. And, certainly, one of those is whether participating in Halloween is right or not. In fact, I’m sure that posts holding to various views on Christian involvement in Halloween are written annually… Continue reading Is Halloween for Christians?

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The Bible Code for Life – Part 2

(Go here for part 1) You know those times when your kids press your buttons and you react really badly? Well guess what, your chief problem is not that you reacted badly, but that you are living from the wrong source. If you are a Christian, then you have either moved away from walking with… Continue reading The Bible Code for Life – Part 2

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Who is in Control?

All success and failure in life is related to who is in control. We are blessed in the New Covenant to be able to enjoy God’s very presence in our lives and a Spirit-led lifestyle. The Word says, “…for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good… Continue reading Who is in Control?