While I don't necessarily advocate demonstrations like the one in the picture, nor do I support anything less than love for individuals who practice homosexuality, I like the truth in the caption which is a translation of one of the banners. You see, many Christians have become confused and soft in their stance toward the… Continue reading Homosexuality!

Transforming Society

Changing a Nation

I hope that my previous post, Discipling Individuals or Nations?, will serve to help relieve Christians and missionaries of the burden that they may feel to have to disciple a whole nation as a result of misunderstanding the Great Commission. Having said that, I do believe that, at times, room is given to certain individuals… Continue reading Changing a Nation

Justice & Government

Government has a Mandate, and God has the Means

Here are some questions that we occasionally (maybe every 4 years) grapple with: Who to vote for? What are the candidates’ views on key issues? What are my views on these issues? And, most importantly, what is God’s mind on these things? What!? God’s mind!? Who can know that? Fortunately for us, God’s views, His… Continue reading Government has a Mandate, and God has the Means