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Do you know the Truth?

We all grapple at various times in life to know what’s best and what’s true. And, then, often when we’ve found a particular truth, in say science or philosophy, we still find ourselves only in the shallow-end of fully grasping its value and potential. Have you ever wondered if there is an author to this… Continue reading Do you know the Truth?

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The Written Word Equals a Direct Word from God

God has used and still uses multiple modes of communication to speak to man. The Bible testifies of many ways that people have heard God speak to them and also of how we can hear God speak to us today. For example, people can get revelation from God through members of the body of Christ… Continue reading The Written Word Equals a Direct Word from God

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Jesus and the Bible, Separate but Inseparable

Jesus and God’s word, the Bible, are inseparable. When we separate them, they lose their purpose. God’s Words Are Eternally Alive God spoke the words of the Bible into being at various times in the distant past, yet they remain eternally alive. Time has not worn out their authority and power. What God said throughout… Continue reading Jesus and the Bible, Separate but Inseparable

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“I Hate You” – The Living Power of the Written Word

Alarmed at how much attention my post, Homosexuality! got in comparison to another post of far more importance, I thought to re-advertise the latter under this title, “I Hate You” - The Living Power of the Written Word. So, this is for those who haven’t read my last post, The Bible is God’s Word which I… Continue reading “I Hate You” – The Living Power of the Written Word

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The Bible is Jesus Speaking

Recently I wrote a post, Where the Bible is, God is, where I suggest that separating the Bible from Jesus is like separating a person from his words. It's ludicrous!!! Just as we are accountable to whatever we've said in the past, even more so, God backs His God-breathed Scripture. There are those who speak… Continue reading The Bible is Jesus Speaking

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Where the Bible is, God is

Is your Jesus, Jesus? At this time in Church history it’s essential that the issue of the authority of God’s word be urgently addressed. Through neglect or undermining of God’s word, we are in danger of attributing aspects to God after our own imaginations. In this way your Jesus and mine can be quite different… Continue reading Where the Bible is, God is

Justice & Government

Government has a Mandate, and God has the Means

Here are some questions that we occasionally (maybe every 4 years) grapple with: Who to vote for? What are the candidates’ views on key issues? What are my views on these issues? And, most importantly, what is God’s mind on these things? What!? God’s mind!? Who can know that? Fortunately for us, God’s views, His… Continue reading Government has a Mandate, and God has the Means


Equality in Marriage – 2

Continued from part 1 Countless times I have heard it preached that married women should submit to their husbands and that the man is the head of the home. It is preached straight from the scriptures. Are those who preach submission really preaching straight or are they preaching skew?In the past, Rob and I tried… Continue reading Equality in Marriage – 2

Creation vs. Evolution

Some Biblical Considerations Refuting the Theory of Evolution

This post is addressed to Bible believing Christians caught at the crossroads of the Creation vs. Evolution debate, and also those who have already taken one road or the other.  I hope that you find this post honoring to God’s word and food for thought.  And then, whatever your view on the issue, you will… Continue reading Some Biblical Considerations Refuting the Theory of Evolution

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Is the Bible for Everyone?

It is often suggested that the Bible is not able to be understood by unsaved people as they are spiritually blind to its truths. While this has some truth to it, much of the Bible was written for the unsaved to understand. The 10 commandments are a small example of this. Also, many prophecies that… Continue reading Is the Bible for Everyone?