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The Ecclesia – “Thy Kingdom Come”

Changing our World The Ecclesia (or Church) is one way that God is able to govern and affect individuals, as well as all spheres of society. Christians (born-again believers), are able to bring personal and corporate issues to Him, as well as the social and environmental issues of this world. And, because Jesus has “all authority in heaven and… Continue reading The Ecclesia – “Thy Kingdom Come”

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The Ecclesia – The Gateway for God’s Kingdom

The Ecclesia Jesus’ ecclesia is the most powerful group on earth, way above any parliament, congress or senate. And, amazingly, all Christians are called to be involved. Ecclesia was a term used in ancient times for a political assembly of citizens who were “called-out” from a local community with the purpose of governing the community. Jesus… Continue reading The Ecclesia – The Gateway for God’s Kingdom

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The Ecclesia – What’s our purpose?

The Ecclesia in Jesus’ day were the “called-out ones” from a local community whose purpose was to bring governance to the community. Jesus uses this same model by calling-out members of this world into an ecclesia of His own. They are called-out and trained in his ways and then sent back to offer the governance… Continue reading The Ecclesia – What’s our purpose?