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Getting Revelation: Part 1 – Interpreting the Apocalypse

Image by BA1969 (Billy Frank Alexander) RGBStock The Church Is Meant to Understand Revelation The Revelation given to the apostle, John, was not meant to be obscure information to leave the Church bewildered and at odds with one another about its meaning. Instead, it was knowledge and insight given by God so that the “seven… Continue reading Getting Revelation: Part 1 – Interpreting the Apocalypse

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Judgment Calls For Repentance!

A Cast For RevelationMany in the evangelical church have backed Trump, the most powerful man alive, who is easily driven by US companies that care less for people's lives than their own prosperity.They all make a great cast for Revelation, where the 'false prophet' backs 'the beast,' who is ridden by 'Babylon, the Great Whore,'… Continue reading Judgment Calls For Repentance!