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Concerning remedying your sinful behavior, don’t focus on being right-and-wrong-conscious, but rather be sold out to God with all of your heart and mind. Being right-and-wrong-conscious can put the emphasis on behavior where you might try to rectify things yourself and not fix the real issue of living from the wrong source. You see, when living from the Spirit, you won’t be occupied with wrong things anyway, because He automatically does what is right.Now, while it has been said that sin and addictions are best resolved by replacing the negative activity with better ones, unless I am living from Jesus as my source, it’s inevitable that I’ll succumb to further sin or addiction. Ultimately, there’s only one satisfying and meaningful way of life and that is living in a Spirit-filled relationship with God.

In believing in Jesus, the issue of righteousness (standing acquitted before God) is settled at the cross once and for all and no amount of error on my part can untangle that. Not only am I acquitted for life, but I am placed into Christ’s death and resurrection, immediately dying to sin and to God’s law, and rising again to a new life. I am born again and made into a new person. And, what’s more, I am joined irreversibly to Jesus. The Holy Spirit comes to live in me, giving me the ability to do what I used to fail to do. He also comes teach me and enable me to live the life that Jesus has planned for me.

Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension have made forgiveness of our sins, re-birth to a new life and His empowering of us possible so that we can have productive lives for God’s kingdom. Only, I need to remember that I cannot live apart from Him as my source. In actual fact, living from Jesus as my source is my sole purpose in life. It’s in Him that I get His vision for my life and His strength to carry it out.

So, focus on building your relationship with God as your new source of life. Then, if you should sin, and you probably will, simply recognize that you have lost touch with God as your new source of life and start relying on Him again. Remember, as far as our sin is concerned, both God’s wrath and the law have been satisfied through Christ’s death so that we can be free to enjoy life by the Spirit. No matter how often you fail don’t let your errors stop you. Rather relish in the abounding mercy and grace that there is to pick you up and empower you to succeed again.

So, living in the Spirit is the Bible Code for Life.  “…we are released from the law, having died to that which held us captive, so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit and not in the old way of the written code” (Rom 7:6 ).

(If you haven’t yet, THE GOOD NEWS is that you can receive Jesus as your savior. He is God’s free gift to acquit you from sin and give you a new life in the Spirit. This, despite the life that you have led, because He loves you!  You see, the Bible says in 1Timothy 1:15, “…Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners …” Go to God and ask to be forgiven and for a new life in Him).

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Rob Morley

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Christians often inadvertently live between two codes in order to live out the life that they believe they should be living. In most of our lives the change from one code to another happens regularly and sometimes unknowingly. You see, in some areas of our lives we are so aware of God’s presence and are so in touch with the Holy Spirit that error is impossible. Yet, in a moment, we can be facing a scenario where we are not so used to being in the Spirit’s presence and despite wanting to do what is right, we easily switch to relying on our own resources and fail.

Often we simply drift away from being aware of our need for the Holy Spirit to our old familiar pattern of relying on ourselves. Depending on who has become the most recent source of thought and action, the Spirit or us, will determine the response to any further provocation to sin. You see, we all want to do what’s right, and doing what is right makes us feel right, but whenever I begin with myself as the source of achieving what’s right, I’m already making the first error. My source is wrong. I presume that I am able to give life into a situation, when at best I can only mimic true life and temporarily hold things together.

Let’s look at the two codes:

Code 1: A standard that I must attain

Code 2: Jesus in me

Code 1: A demand

Code 2: A response

Code 1: A struggle

Code 2: A rest

Code 1: My apparent success

Code 2: My weakness embraced

Code 1: Ultimate failure

Code 2: Guaranteed success

Code 1: Disillusionment

Code 2: Impressed by His grace

Whenever we fail as a Christian, whether it’s intentional sin or not, it’s always because our source has been wrong. Whether you have simply given in to the passions of the flesh or whether you have attempted in your own strength not to give in (and maybe even succeeded not to sin), it’s one and the same problem. You see, although the second seems nobler, either way you have made yourself the source and have usurped God’s place. The cycle will repeat until we exchange our strength for His. It is in repenting of this, our chief sin, and turning toward Jesus as our life (and by his grace staying turned) that we really begin to live.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:5).

Rob Morley

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