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Getting Revelation – Part 1

Image by BA1969 (Billy Frank Alexander) RGBStock The Church Is Meant to Understand Revelation The Revelation given to the apostle, John, was not meant to be obscure information to leave the Church bewildered and at odds with one another about its meaning. Instead, it was knowledge and insight given by God so that the “seven… Continue reading Getting Revelation – Part 1

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The Bible Is Both Good News and Bad News

Picture: ba1969 (Billy Frank Alexander) Do You Want The Good News or Bad News First? The good news is that the Bible is 100% accurate and God's word. The bad news is that the Bible is 100% accurate and God's word. It is either good or bad depending on how you answer Jesus' question, "Who… Continue reading The Bible Is Both Good News and Bad News

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Excellent Outline of Covenant Theology

Here is an excellent outline on Covenant Theology by Ligon Duncan, which he gives in a podcast interview done through The Gospel Coalition: Ligon Duncan - Covenant Theology   Posts on Dismantling Dispensationalism

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Do you know the Truth?

We all grapple at various times in life to know what’s best and what’s true. And, then, often when we’ve found a particular truth, in say science or philosophy, we still find ourselves only in the shallow-end of fully grasping its value and potential. Have you ever wondered if there is an author to this… Continue reading Do you know the Truth?

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Interpreting Scripture Correctly

Man’s form of religion is full of rules and rituals in order to reach God or Karma or a state of perfection. At best, it’s merely a hollow shell with empty promises. The Bible, by contrast, is not a burdensome book of religion; it’s the living Word of God. True Christianity is a dynamic ongoing… Continue reading Interpreting Scripture Correctly

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Get Connected!

  Let’s get into our Bibles and get connected to its power. Its words are charged with life! When we get into our Bibles, it’s not that the Spirit of God makes the words come to life, because the word of God is already alive and active, and has been since He first spoke them.… Continue reading Get Connected!

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The Written Word Equals a Direct Word from God

God has used and still uses multiple modes of communication to speak to man. The Bible testifies of many ways that people have heard God speak to them and also of how we can hear God speak to us today. For example, people can get revelation from God through members of the body of Christ… Continue reading The Written Word Equals a Direct Word from God

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Jesus and the Bible, Separate but Inseparable

Jesus and God’s word, the Bible, are inseparable. When we separate them, they lose their purpose. God’s Words Are Eternally Alive God spoke the words of the Bible into being at various times in the distant past, yet they remain eternally alive. Time has not worn out their authority and power. What God said throughout… Continue reading Jesus and the Bible, Separate but Inseparable

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“I Hate You” – The Living Power of the Written Word

Alarmed at how much attention my post, Homosexuality! got in comparison to another post of far more importance, I thought to re-advertise the latter under this title, “I Hate You” - The Living Power of the Written Word. So, this is for those who haven’t read my last post, The Bible is God’s Word which I… Continue reading “I Hate You” – The Living Power of the Written Word

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The Bible is God’s Word

God’s Written Word Equals His Spoken Word Whether written or spoken, whether ancient or today's, whether rhema or logos, all of God's words carry the same level of divinity. One doesn't contradict the other and one isn't more God’s or more alive than the other. Essentially, all of God's words, in context, are equally alive,… Continue reading The Bible is God’s Word