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Why Get Vaccinated?

Trusting God? “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but . . . a sound mind” (2 Tim. 1:7 Have you heard the analogy of the person asking God to rescue him during a flood? He first receives a warning to evacuate and the neighbors offer to take him in their car.… Continue reading Why Get Vaccinated?

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A Faith-Based Approach to the Coronavirus

Image: Light in a Dark Time We have an opportunity to be the light in a dark time. Some Christians believe their faith will protect them from the coronavirus (COVID-19) and are complaining at our governments for passing laws to hinder our movements. Even if you have lots of faith and are feeling fine,… Continue reading A Faith-Based Approach to the Coronavirus

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Reorientation Miracle

WE'RE BORN LOST!!! Sinful Orientation: We are all born sinfully orientated because we are conceived with a sinful nature.   ARE YOU STILL LOST? Moral Orientation: No amount of moral orientation can ever change our sinful nature. It may curb it, but it cannot remove it.   HAVE YOU FOUND THE WAY? God Orientation: Jesus… Continue reading Reorientation Miracle

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Your Healing is Coming!

Is it Biblical Not To Be Healed? In short, yes, it is quite normal to get sick and not be miraculously healed. And, while there are definitely some who are not healed when they could have been, it will relieve many to learn that it is Biblically normal not always to receive a miracle. Reasons Why Many Are Not… Continue reading Your Healing is Coming!