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Getting Revelation – Part 1

Image by BA1969 (Billy Frank Alexander) RGBStock The Church Is Meant to Understand Revelation The Revelation given to the apostle, John, was not meant to be obscure information to leave the Church bewildered and at odds with one another about its meaning. Instead, it was knowledge and insight given by God so that the “seven… Continue reading Getting Revelation – Part 1

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Evangelicals in America brought unholy fire into God's holy institution of government (Rom. 13) and, worse, into His Church. They must repent for this fire continues to destroy their nation and divide the Church and only God can put it out. I have written on this in order to bring about repentance and to this… Continue reading UNHOLY FIRE!

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Ukraine Under God’s Judgment, a Russian Beast, and Nations Warned

Picture: Saavem (Miguel Saavedra) Edited Picture: fangol (Robert Proksa) Why War Has Come To Ukraine Don’t get me wrong when you read this. I am all for Ukraine and its people and am incredibly inspired and impressed by their resilience against extreme Russian aggression. But as a student and teacher of God’s word, I must… Continue reading Ukraine Under God’s Judgment, a Russian Beast, and Nations Warned

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THE BRIDE AND THE BEAST: Evangelicals In Bed With Trump

NEW BOOK RELEASE Book Blurb: Wooed by Trump to affect social change, white evangelicals excused his toxic self-aggrandizing character, the antithesis of Christ. Forsaking their first love, they unwittingly aided the re-emergence of the beast of the Apocalypse (albeit America’s version) and became his false prophet. Even after a plague magnified his love of… Continue reading THE BRIDE AND THE BEAST: Evangelicals In Bed With Trump

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Blinded by Dispensationalism

Dispensationalism has made many Americans clueless to the fact that they have been living with the beast, the false prophet and a biblical plague, and that God's comfort for them is found in a proper understanding of the book of Revelation. I believe my posts, Dismantling Dispensationalism, and my book, Dismantling Dispensationalism, will help with… Continue reading Blinded by Dispensationalism

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President Donald J. Trump and the COVID-19 American Tragedy

Storyline: A false prophet flirts with a beast who is in love with a prostitute and the result is that 100,000 die in a plague in just 3 months. And, that's just the beginning! The Characters in America’s Version of Revelation: President Trump plays ‘the beast,’ an evil and power hungry leader. The evangelical church… Continue reading President Donald J. Trump and the COVID-19 American Tragedy

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Judgment Calls For Repentance!

A Cast For RevelationMany in the evangelical church have backed Trump, the most powerful man alive, who is easily driven by US companies that care less for people's lives than their own prosperity.They all make a great cast for Revelation, where the 'false prophet' backs 'the beast,' who is ridden by 'Babylon, the Great Whore,'… Continue reading Judgment Calls For Repentance!

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Don’t Say the J Word

Image: Dez Pain Judgement Has Come As we face this COVID-19 global pandemic, I am struck by the reluctance of pastors, preachers and teachers in the Body of Christ to speak straight and categorically say that THE CORONAVIRUS IS A JUDGEMENT OF GOD. In fact, some Christian leaders are simply appeasing people as though judgement… Continue reading Don’t Say the J Word

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Is the Coronavirus One of God’s Judgements?

Image from Center for Disease Control (CDC) at Ever since Jesus Christ's ascension, God's judgements continue unabated through Him. Revelation 5 says that He was worthy to open the seals, which bring calamities upon people. Seals opening, trumpets sounding and bowls being poured out are all God's judgements on those who reject Him. Today's… Continue reading Is the Coronavirus One of God’s Judgements?

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Excellent Outline of Covenant Theology

Here is an excellent outline on Covenant Theology by Ligon Duncan, which he gives in a podcast interview done through The Gospel Coalition: Ligon Duncan - Covenant Theology   Posts on Dismantling Dispensationalism