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Prologue: God’s Home: Welcoming Differences, Avoiding Division – Part 1

BrotherhoodExploring the possibility of real unity under one roof despite differences of opinion

Imagine if this was posted in a local newspaper:

I’m a Christian in a new Exploring city and I’m hoping to find healthy fellowship with other brothers and sisters. I would love to be with a group of people who share God’s love with each other and who cherish one another’s place in the body of Christ. An environment where everyone gets to participate and be blessed through one another’s life and gifting. A group where I would feel accepted and really listened to even if I should start thinking differently from everyone else. Not that I want to change others to think like me, but where I can really be free to be me. You know, like in a pub after a few beers 🙂? Oh, and I would like the leaders to be real about their lives, and not above me, but next to me, like brothers and sisters. Is there any group in the city like this?

Even if not at first, this kind of hope often becomes just an illusion for many. And, they find themselves having to settle for one of the various forms of dysfunction where the group or its leaders sadly push their agendas at the expense of true fellowship and unity.

In my next post I’ll share more on this hope that I believe we all have for real fellowship.


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