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I Can Only Love You If…

Smiley FaceI’m sorry__________ (fill in anyone you like), but I can only love you under certain conditions. And, if these aren’t just right then I’m afraid you may bear the brunt of my dark side! Not to worry though, as I usually do my best to hide my dark side because it’s quite embarrassing for me when people see it. In fact, I have learnt many ways to cover up and put on a pretty good show. For the most part, I come across as a decent chap and you won’t even know when it’s my dark side.

The Bible (and even society) requires things of me that I really cannot do if conditions aren’t optimal. Things like, “in humility count others more significant than yourselves.” And, because I know what I ought to be socially, I will at times practice this outwardly when inwardly it’s not true of me at all. so quickly a hypocrite, A whitewashed tomb AND no different FROM the Pharisees.

It is easy for me to acknowledge and even teach that this kind of unconditional love is the key to a blessed life and being the blessing that we are meant to be. However, I cannot do it unless God steps in and takes over.

Are you like me too? I hope so as this will help you to understand me.

Perhaps a simple self-test will let you know whether you ever have this same problem or not.

Here’s a test that I think works best:

1. Simply list in your mind the people you know or see in your church, family, at the gym, college, your workplace, even in the gutter, etc.

Let me help with some prompts.

  • The sweet receptionist at…
  • The guy who irritates you because…
  • How about the colleague who…
  • What about those ill-disciplined kids at…?
  • Your brother/sister/aunt/uncle/mom/dad/in-laws…

 2. Now, close your eyes and imagine their faces one at a time. And as you do this, ask yourself whether you regard him/her/them more significant than yourself.

How did you do? Did you fail too?

Bottom Line

Let’s face it, whenever we are not regarding each and everyone with their unique background, personality and gifting, whether in the body of Christ or not, MORE highly than ourselves, then we are in the FLESH and SIN.

You might be thinking, “Shucks, that’s a high standard! Only God can be like that!” Exactly, the unconditional love for one another in the body of Christ and for people in the world can only come from God. It’s the fruit of the Spirit.

So, the optimal conditions for showing you love are when I’m continually being filled with Him and am walking in Him. Pray for me and remind me of Who to go to so that I can love you properly, especially, if you don’t see this in me then.

Rob Morley (Similarities to other posts were unintentional and I hope that they confirm truth for you rather than irritate.)

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