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Recently I wrote a post, Where the Bible is, God is, where I suggest that separating the Bible from Jesus is like separating a person from his words. It’s ludicrous!!! Just as we are accountable to whatever we’ve said in the past, even more so, God backs His God-breathed Scripture.

There are those who speak of Scripture as if they are something separate from Jesus, merely a signpost pointing to Him. I’m afraid that this is a shallow view that feeds notions like: once we have Jesus we don’t need the Scriptures. However, the Scriptures are more than a signpost pointing to Jesus. Being God-breathed makes them, by implication, Jesus’ words too. What’s more, being I AM’s words, whatever He has said, he is still saying, unless He has annulled it.

And, these words of His, the entire Bible, are key and complimentary to the words we heard from Him last week, last night and today.

Rob Morley

4 thoughts on “The Bible is Jesus Speaking”

  1. The thuth is you can not know bible without Jesus.Old Tesament is about the coming of Jusus and NeW Testament is about his birth, dids incuding miracles, death and resurection. You cano not separate the two.

    1. Hi Ezekiel,
      In some sense what you have said is true, yet much of the Bible was also written for unbelievers to understand, and much was written so that they could be saved through the words in it.

      That no one can accept the Gospel of the Bible without Jesus is true. Yet, also true is that God chose the Bible as one of His means to bring people to know Jesus. For example, John’s Gospel says, “these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.”

      If you’re interested, my post, Is the Bible for Everyone?, deals with this issue.

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