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God’s Laws, Government’s Laws and Christianity – Part 3 of 3

Part 3 (go here for part 1 and part 2)

Christians should be lovingly frank about the harm people put themselves in when living outside of any of God’s laws. They are all important! And by harm, I don’t mean the punishment that will come their way, but the dangers that a loving God is protecting them from. When necessary, we might need to call sin what it is, but this need never amount to abusive name calling. As I see it, the problem is often in how we address people, rather than in the fact that at times we do.

While Jesus (God in the flesh) honored the laws made for the nation of Israel, and these are a good template for individuals and governments, we see that His approach to sinners is friendship. In fact, God’s laws can be a way of introducing people to His loving character found most completely in Jesus.

Those of us who have come to know the loving God should preach the good news of God’s love for law-breakers. This way, people trapped by their sinful nature can find the love and acceptance from the One who, though they have offended by breaking His laws, loves them. On receiving Jesus, we are acquitted and made righteous through the fact that Jesus paid the penalty for our sin by dying on the cross. Then, His Spirit in us and the law written on our hearts testifies that His word is true and, by looking to Him, we are enabled to keep it.

Without Jesus in our lives, government, law, moral society and God Himself can often seem like an uphill battle. This is the perception of sinful man. However, with Jesus we see God’s love in it all. Although we should sympathize and empathize with man’s weakness, we should not remove the things he battles against that are designed to bring him to the end of himself and see his need for Christ.

So, in summary, Governments should reflect all of God’s laws so people can happily co-exist. And, for both its purposes to protect people and to lead them to Christ we should not remove any part of God’s law that can be reflected in government law. Also, we should lovingly warn people about the harm that they put themselves in when living outside of any of God’s laws. Above all we should share the good news with people so that they can know forgiveness and discover grace to succeed.

Rob Morley

4 thoughts on “God’s Laws, Government’s Laws and Christianity – Part 3 of 3”

  1. Beautifully stated! 😀 Excellent post and timely. “Our” moral compass is not centered. I don’t believe people would feel so overwhelmed if they would put to practice Gods laws and not rush to compromise that which has made us strong as a people/nation. Thank you for sharing and for joining the Getting To Know You blog hop. Have a wonderful evening! 🙂

    1. Thanks Sherlinda! I share this site with hubby and this is one of his posts. He spends more time writing here than I do, but I’m a little too busy with all of my blogs. I have too many interests and with my blogs they all involve writing, which is one of my passions in life. God bless and all the best with your business! Tina

  2. Rob you stated “government should reflect all of God’s laws”. This sounds great but seems to me to be extremely complicated practically. Who determines what are God’s laws? Christians vary widely on what they are. For that matter so do nonChristians.

    1. Hi Denise!

      Thanks for sharing your concerns. I’m sure that they are shared by many. You are right in seeing challenges to having a government “reflect all of God’s laws.” Having said that, it needn’t be “extremely complicated.”

      Fortunately for us, God’s laws aren’t a hidden mystery, but have been left for us in His word, the Bible. The Old Testament account of Israel is an example of a nation that was totally governed by God’s laws. And, these same laws have had a huge influence in many nations in the creation of their own laws.

      If I’m not mistaken, your question, “Who determines what are God’s laws?” shows your concern over interpretation of God’s word. If so, then good interpretation is a concern that I share with you.

      In this regard, our various interpretations shouldn’t make us shy away from engaging with God’s word to discover the truth. While disputes have their own challenges, at least we are looking in the right place.

      Then, all we can do is to bring the truth to the table. How society responds in making a government that reflects God’s laws is up to them. Having said that, it remains our responsibility as Christian’s to direct people toward the ideal of a government that reflects God’s love and protection.

      (You got me thinking and as a result I’ve written a post with the title, Government has a Mandate, God has the Means. Feel free to comment further. Also, if you are interested, The Old Testament Template by Landa Cope is an interesting book in this regard. I think that you can get this through YWAM Publishing.)

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