Real Church

Genuine Christianity

The more people you have in your life that are genuine the richer your life is. You can learn from one another and encourage one another. Jesus didn’t walk among us 2000 years ago to build a religion, but to build a family. His passion wasn’t for a method, but for a people set apart and anointed to touch more people.

Religion inside the institutional Church allows people to pretend their spirituality. It keeps congregants from being open and honest with each other. If you join an institutional church, you’re expected to join the show. You become a spectator and helper of the program. The show (the program) is more important than the people. If you don’t like their particular style of program, then you’re asked to join another church. You spend your life looking for the right church with the right program, but what you really need are genuine brothers and sisters in Christ who are growing in their uniqueness in Him and not another program.

Don’t replace relationship with religion. It’s a poor substitute. It will always leave you cheated of experiencing the vibrant Christianity that Jesus was willing to die for you to have.

by Tina Morley

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