Leadership, Real Church

To Whom are Leaders Accountable?

Everyone in the Church is answerable to the whole body in the light of God’s Word and no one should be above another.

Notice, Peter was questioned by the “circumcision party” for his involvement with the Gentiles. He was answerable to the whole body, even if those who questioned him were wayward. And it is precisely because he was accountable to the body, that the truth was revealed. He responded with his testimony which included the word of God.

Elsewhere, the Bereans were complimented by Paul on how they tested what they heard. They held him accountable to the Word of God.

Our testimony and the Word are sufficient in giving account. We don’t need rank to get our way. In fact, rank has only proved to be a frustration to God’s ways. At worst, it has become a place for those who have it to hide behind or a weapon to bully others with. At best, it is used by good hearted people who have good intentions, but it remains ready to be misused at any time.

We were all left in the secure hands of Our Savior and His infallible Word to whom all are accountable before one another.


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